Service truck



We have made many of these trucks used to service and maintain machinery.
It has gullwing toolboxes with adjustable shelves, rear mounted crane with stabiliser legs, folding alloy sides and internal load anchors



Steel Flat Deck


With hydraulic ramp


We made this flat deck for
carrying various heavy machinery.
It has Armour 10 ton flush mounted load
anchors fitted to the deck.

It also has a towbar for towing a light trailer.


Coal delivery truck



This truck has a main conveyor inside the hopper and an out feed conveyor for loading those hard to reach coal bunkers

It is all controlled by hydraulics and folds up to be a tidy and compact unit


Double deck with Moffett!



7.2m flat deck with removable alloy sides, top deck secured by twist locks which also suit a 20ft container.

Rear mount to carry Moffett, also has ringfeder and removable 3.5T towbar