Light weight tipper/stock deck


Lift out alloy sides


This Bisalloy light weight tipping deck has loads of features:

1200 high removable alloy sides
Twin under body rams
Able to carry stockcrate
Alloy effluent tank
Graintrap and spreading chains
Low tare weight 8220 kgs!

Lower tare weight means greater load capacity!



4.8m Steel Tipper/Tractor unit


High Tensile Deck!


This truck has a high tensile deck made for those heavy duty loads.
The curved sides add strength, less chance of denting and look great!





The deck has a pin and saddle system fitted to it for easy removal of the deck.
Simply remove four pins, lift the deck off, lift the fifth wheel on, fit four pins and it is now a tractor unit!


21 m3 Alloy tipping body


With load sensors!


We fabricated this alloy body, it has high cube capacity with a low tare weight!
It also has load sensors on the springs for accurate load recording!


High tensile lift out side tipper



5m high tensile tipping deck wtih 850mm high sides, alloy toolbox and LED lights!