5-7 Car Transporter


5 Large vehicles or 7 small vehicles


Our latest design in car transporting! Fully remote controlled, fast easy loading.

The bottom deck drops right down to accomodate for a large vehicle

The top deck raises up to allow easy access for loading the bottom deck

We fitted the trailer with the latest iTap - Trailer remote control. An App is downloaded on your smartphone allowing you to raise or lower the air suspension, read axle weights & much more.

Check out the video clip below!



Four Car Transporter



Easy loading car transporters, the top deck lowers by hydraulic rams ready to drive car on, raise the deck then drive the second car on.
Very quick to load. Tows our light weight crouching trailer which carries two cars and runs on a W.O.F.


Crouching Trailer



The Armour Crouching Trailer provides easier, faster & more efficient loading. Simply flick a switch and the airbags drop the trailer to the ground for loading. 3.5T gross weight - designed to carry 2 cars without road user charges (under New Zealand regulations).


Armour Crouching Truck


11 degree deck angle!


We have made several of these decks which crouch down on the back wheels taking the weight when loading.
It has a lower deck angle for fast and safe loading.


5 Car Transporter


12 Ton Isuzu


5 cars & the trailer runs on a WOF! Fast easy loading, great for port work when you need to get cars off the wharf quickly.