6 x 4 Crane truck


Palfinger PK 15500


We set this truck up with a Palfinger PK 15500 crane and a 6.4m steel deck

Also has three toolboxes and a slide out drawer for chains!



Crane truck


Palfinger PK 8500


We fitted this truck with a front mounted Palfinger PK8500 crane, 6.2m flat deck, LED lights and toolbox


Palfinger PK 19502



We fabricated this 6.7m deck with twistlocks

Also fitted a crane, drawbeam/ringfeder and a winch.


Roofing iron crane truck


Palfinger PK11001


7.6m deck with twist locks & removable racks to carry roofing iron

We made a custom electric drawer to store the spreader beam
for lifting the roofing iron


Removable Hiab


Hiab 044


6.5m deck, air suspension dumps for easy loading

The crane can be removed by lowering the legs down & using
the crane to support itself